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Successful First Annual Agent/Dealer Seminar and Training

Our very first annual Dealer/Agent Seminar training was a success. This year it was held at the Citystate Tower Hotel in Malate, Manila, on December 5, 2018. We would like to thank past and new dealers who signed up for our full day training. We have new dealers attending the event from as far as from Davao and from our very first international dealer from Papua New Guinea.

We covered a range of topic between our two divisions BangkaPro and Resort Central which included what are the range of products we offer, highlights about the products, and how to best market them to their respective clients. In total we signed up 7 new dealers in this years event!

Highlights of the event includes the following:

  • Our upcoming new BangkaPro website section catering to brokerage of used and new large ships and vessels including passengers, LCT, cargo, and multi-purpose vessels.

  • Announcement of our available BangkaPro Express routes ready for direct partnerships.

  • Upcoming plans to offer our indoor playgrounds for partnerships with businesses to install in malls and community centers.

  • Plans to install our outdoor playground in many barangays, municipalities, and cities in the country as part of LGU project offerings to support their local communities.

  • Promotion of our themed fiberglass water playgrounds to be installed in resort pools.

We are working hard to fully educate and engage our partners to prepare them in offering our in demand products in the marine and tourism sectors. We are looking forward to next year's event where it will be much bigger and grander.

Please contact us if you would like to partner with BangkaPro in your area. Stay tuned for more company announcements to come!

Merry Christmas and a Blessed Happy New Year!


Romeo T. Orio


BangkaPro Aquatics Inc.

Congratulations to our new dealers:

Mr. Jerry Canseko - Samar/Leyte

Mr. Santino Sabitsana - Biliran

Mr. Teddy Tasion - Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Ms. Lenith Apolinar - Davao City

Mr. Romeo Penilla - Bulacan

Mr. Bugsy Banaag - Manila

Ms. Josephine Jimenez - Manila

Your BangkaPro Team

Your BangkaPro Sales Team


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