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BangkaPro’s Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) gives you the hull strength of a conventional craft with the exceptional stability of an inflatable boat. Each model has heavy duty PVC or Hypalon inflatable tubes or collar with carefully crafted fiberglass hull similar to a conventional boat. Our RIBs has a single mould combining the hull and transom as one piece for incredible strength and durability. The roomy interiors allow for carrying plenty of cargo and seating. This boat is perfect for fishing, scuba diving, or simply transport between destinations at the fraction of the cost of an all fiberglass boat.


General purpose inflatable boats that can be used for fishing, transportation, dinghy, or as a utility boat. Versatile design can be stored easily and lightweight for easy transportation


Heavy duty and tough Skipper inflatable boats packed with extra features such as more attachment points and reflective strips. Uses are for rescue, diving, military, or law enforcement. 


Our toughened Rigid Inflatable boats Rescue Series are packed with extra features and are made for professional applications both for commercial or government applications such as rescue, patrol, and security use.

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