At BangkaPro, we are dedicated to manufacturing the finest marine products at the most competitive pricing in the Philippines. Our line of inflatable boats are no exception. BangkaPro utilizes the most current and highest-quality processes in the industry and are made from heavy-duty, commercial grade materials with exeptional quality and workmanship.


Inflatable boats are portable, light weight, tough, and highly versatile. BangkaPro is dedicated to becoming the top supplier of inflatable boats in the country offering only products from top factories that suppliers popular brands found else where in the world.

Choose from our different types of inflatable boats according to usage. All boats can be customized according to your preference of design or features, subject to manufacturing and delivery times.


General purpose inflatable boats that can be used for fishing, transportation, dinghy, or as a utility boat. Versatile design can be stored easily and lightweight for easy transportation.

Heavy duty and tough Skipper inflatable boats packed with extra features such as more attachment points and reflective strips. Uses are for rescue, diving, military, or law enforcement. 

Fun Skipper inflatable boats with transparent polycarbonate flooring for sight seeing. See the corals or fish below with this unique design only available at BangkaPro.

Conquering the white river rapids now comes easy with BangkaPro's Rapid River Rafts. Tough designs for fun river excursions both for private or commercial use.