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Professional suppliers of boat docks and decking solutions.

Bangkapro designs and builds professional marine docking solutions and platforms for boats and water front structures.  We specialize in construction of private jettys, over water walkways, fish farms, and marinas.  We utilize the most modern approach into construction used in many parts of the world. Add value to your  property or maximise your water activities with a BangkaPro dock.

Our floating blocks are made from highly dense and highly buoyant polyesterene material enclosed in tough PE case that’s guaranteed to last many years.


Light, inexpensive, and removable makes our floating polyethylene pontoons a great solution for the simplest docking requirements.

These customizable pontoon floats with galvanized frame and WPC decking can be used for docks, as rafts, entertainment platforms or foot bridges. 

You provide the design and we will build your professional floating platform. Can be used as floating bar, restaurant, cabins, or event stage.

Our aluminum gangways are light, heavy duty, and professionally made. Check out our complete line of accessories for your marine docks.