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BangkaPro is a registered brand owned by BangkaPro Aquatics Inc. The brand has been operating since November 2013 and since  then it has quickly   become one  of  the  Philippine’s fastest  growing  marine  products  and   water sports provider. BangkaPro  specializes  in  water  recreation,  rescue,  and  transportation  products  such  as  fiberglass boats,  water taxis, inflatable boats, surfboards, kayaks, paddleboards, rafts, floating docks, rescue boats, water toys, and now, water parks.






BangkaPro Aquatics Inc. is a company made of young and modern professionals bound by a common vision and resolve to develop the Philippine’s boating, outdoor recreation, and water transportation industry in a fun, responsible, and exciting new way. Each products and services we offer are of high quality substance and are tailored specially for our customers. We work closely with our vendors and clients to make sure each requirement are carefully satisfied, paying attention to even the smallest details. We also pride ourselves with our excellent customer service and sound business ethics.


The Philippines is blessed with over 7000 islands waiting to be explored through boating or various outdoor activities. Historically Filipinos have a cultural affinity with anything related to the outdoors, ocean, lakes, and rivers and BangkaPro brings everyone closer to that desire and help everyone to live a fun, exciting, healthy, and responsible lifestyle.


BangkaPro aims to give everyone the chance to enjoy the pleasure of boating— to make it mainstream, fun, and affordable. Our inflatable, rigid hull inflatable, and fiberglass motorboats are durable, inexpensive, attractive and something that we believe everyone will be proud of owning. We strive to create an environment where boating enthusiasts in the Philippines can come together and share their boating experience.

At BangkaPro we work hard in bringing you great quality products. The quality of each part used on BangkaPro products is the mark of our commitment to safety and reliability. We are continually listening to our clients on how to improve our offerings and deliver goods from globally known suppliers at a very affordable price. We've created the perfect balance between quality and affordability. That's the BangkaPro difference!

Through the years I've travelled to 35 countries, big and small, and have seen the many ways other nations are utilizing and enjoying the water- from paddling, to surfing, to kayaking, and of course, boating. Sometimes they have to travel for hours just to get a chance to taste that fresh mist of ocean spray on their face or the feeling of cool water over their skin- and are very much happy to do it. They've mastered how to take full advantage of any body of water accessible to them, and they have easy access to all kinds of water recreational products that can be purchased locally or online at the tip of their fingertips. For so long I've wondered why these products are either not available, hard to find, or overly priced making it difficult to enjoy something so prevalent in other countries, but not in ours. 

​That's what led me to start the brand BangkaPro in 2013- to bring the joys of widespread water recreation and boating that is normally found in other countries to the Philippines. Our country has so many rivers, lakes, waterways, and of course, a huge ocean, waiting and ready to be enjoyed by everyone. I believe Filipinos naturally love the water and nothing brings one closer to that affinity than through boating, kayaking, paddling, or or even through the thrill of a banana boat.  It also brings friends and families together because they're not just an individual person's activity, but at their core, are fun social activities that are naturally shared with others. 


Our team member’s love for water sports and drive to modernize our boating industry has made us bring in modern and exciting products with unique designs and different applications not previously found in the Philippines such as our landing crafts, aluminium boats, and water taxis. We've gathered trusted suppliers that also supplies popular brands found in other countries, not just settling for the cheapest products, but with good quality yet still affordable ones. In addition to boats, to help make boating more accessible and give people places to dock their boats, we’ve also introduced simple marine docking solutions such as our floating docks and pontoons. Finally, to modernize our small to medium water transportation industries in our over 7,000 islands, we’ve introduced some modern fiberglass water taxis that are faster, more comfortable, and quieter than the traditional bangkas widely used today.   

I believe the key ways to help expand this growth is by making these products not only easily and widely available, but also to make them last a long time but at still an affordable price. That is the goal of our websites and In achieving this it will bring us closer to our mission, which is to ultimately spread the joys of boating and water recreation to everyone in a safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly way.

As we celebrate our 8th year in the business, join us as we continue our journey in promoting and growing Philippine's boating and water recreation industry, and with it receive the rewards of a worthwhile, healthy and fun activity. Stay tuned for some exciting products and services that we will be introducing along the way.

With BangkaPro now everyone can truly go boating!



Romeo T. Orio


BangkaPro Aquatics Inc.



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