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Today's Aluminum Boats are comparable to Fiberglass as far as performance but are lighter, and in many cases stronger. If you hit a rock on a fiberglass boat, it will crack or make a hole. An aluminum boat will just get a dent. It will bend, but it won’t break and maintenance is as easy as hammering or welding. BangkaPro offers a wide selection of Aluminum Boats that are modern and built with high standards.


BangkaPro's Aluminum Utility Boats are inexpensive, light, and versatile. All around uses includes as a dinghy, for fishing, or transport.


Family and friends can ride in style with our Aluminum bow riders. Plenty of seating, including an open bow make this a perfect leisure boat.


BangkaPro's Landing Crafts are high capacity and can be easily loaded and unloaded with its bow drop down gate. Choose from our 6 to 11 meter models.


Pontoon boats are wide and stable which makes it high capacity and super comfortable. Cushioned sofa and plenty of accessories make this a perfect party boat!

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