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Why should I buy an inflatable boat?

Conventional hard-hull fiberglass boats are fast and powerful, but with them come high maintenance, responsibilities and unavoidable expenses. If you are new to boating, you will feel in charge while operating a lightweight inflatable boat versus heavy conventional boats. Inflatable boats are much more responsive and are easier to handle than heavy conventional fiberglass hull boats. Inflatable boats come with less worries about hitting other boats, dock objects, scratching or damaging someone else's expensive property.

Compared to conventional boats, it is much easier to make sharp turns in narrow places, and dock inflatable boats almost anywhere. Inflatable boats are much more buoyant, extremely stable, and almost impossible to overturn. Lightweight inflatable boats have lower operational expenses because they use much less expensive gas then conventional fiberglass-hull boats. Minimal draft allows an inflatable boat to reach many shallow places where fiberglass-hull boats would hit bottom.

Conventional boats come with various components that are always breaking; steering system, power trim, oil injection, various gauges, etc. Inflatable boats come with only three components, hull, gas tank and outboard engine, this lowers the probability of something breaking. Inflatable boats are made from abrasive resistant heavy duty PVC rubber that is not easily punctured. In an unlikely event it is punctured, repairs are as simple as repairing a bike tire.

Unless you are planning to go far off shore, you can use an inflatable boat to cruise around or fish just as you would with any other full-size boat. Inflatable boats can go as fast as conventional boats but with lower power rated engines. This will save money on engine and gas.

No docking or marina expenses required. Much smaller inflatable boats are often rated for the same weight capacity (number of persons) as much larger conventional fiberglass-hull boats. Inflatable boats are the only portable solution that allows you to be in the water without the hassles of large hard hull boat. Inflatable boats will efficiently cruise with a gas outboard motor or run quietly and smoothly with an inexpensive electric trolling motor.

Easily set up, an inflatable boat will take you for a fun day of exploring a lake, river or bay. Inflatable boats are foldable, portable and require much less storage space than full-size fiberglass boats. Once deflated, inflatable boats can be easily stored in the trunk of your car. Deflated inflatable boats are the same size as a medium luggage bag and can be stored almost anywhere.

If you ever wondered what it’s like to own your own boat, or would like to have something more modern and attractive than the bulky traditional bangka but with comparable pricing, then an inflatable boat is what you’re looking for. If you like fishing, then go where the fish are. An inflatable boat will take you there, away from the water’s edge and closer to the fish. Spend weekends being closer to nature or explore a nearby island. Try water skiing or snorkeling a distant reef. With an inflatable boat your boating dreams can finally come true!


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