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What Accessories Are Needed For An Inflatable Boat?

Inflatable boats usually come with a wood or aluminum flooring, oars, seat, foot pump, repair kit, and carrying bag. It is ready to be inflated and used within minutes after opening the box. Aside from these included accessories think about if you will need the following:

Outboard motor:

Life vests: Whenever boating over deep waters it is always advisable to have life vests or a “salbabida” available in the boat just incase of an emergency.Canopy:Everybody knows how warm the sun can get in the Philippines. A heavy-duty canopy is essential whenever boating during the day.

Swivel trolley: A trolley can be purchased separately and attached to any inflatable boats. It can be swiveled down and roll the inflatable boat to a storage. Or swivel up whenever using the boat.Anchor:Used if you intend to stop in a single location for an extended period of time. Usually different weights are available depending on the size of your boat.

Extra seat:Some boats have room for extra seats and extra passengers. These seats can be removed and attached very easily.Ropes:You can never have too much rope whenever boating. The rope can be used attached to an anchor, as a life line, or for skiing.

Electric pump: Having an electric pump can make inflating your boat a breeze. Quickly and effortlessly inflate your boats with an electric pump.

Steering unit: A very useful accessory is a floor-mounted pedestal steering unit, which includes the wheel and cable. The steering wheel itself comes separately ensure that it has a good grip.

Seats: Seats are necessary accessories if you are going to be out fishing. Available on the market are vinyl-cushioned seats that have folding backs and can be mounted on their aluminum base with the requisite nuts and bolts. You can opt for a stationery seat or a swivel chair. You can even set up a padded storage seat. While these seats are fine for seating, manufacturers will warn you not to operate an inflatable boat from an elevated seat, as this is dangerous.

Wheels or Trailer: Usually small sized inflatable boats (less than 420cm) can be easily transported by using the carrying handles. Larger boats can be equiped with folding detachable wheels at the transom that can be used to roll the boats without deflating. Even larger boats, including RIBs, will need a trailer if you plan on transporting them for long distances.


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