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Why Choose BangkaPro Inflatable Boats?

BangkaPro inflatable boats represent quality and durability at the lowest prices. Sizes from 2.7 to 5.2 meters long are available for all your boating needs! If you want to experience the joy of boating without hassles of trailer, maintenance or marina expenses, then an inflatable boat is for you.

Superior Hull: Made abrasive resistant heavy-duty PVC fabric, our inflatable boat hulls features a double-layered fabric at the bottom of the tubes, inflatable keel with a rubbing strake, marine-grade plywood transom, and a one-way drain valve with plug.

Stable: It has a low center of gravity-- keeping its stability whether stationary or while cruising. Our boats can withstand even rough waters. Virtually Unsinkable: BangkaPro inflatable boats have buoyancy tubes that are made up of several independent airtight compartments; if one compartment unexpectedly deflates, the others remain inflated while you return slowly to safety without sinking!

Storable: Once deflated and folded, it fits in a medium-sized bag that can be stored in a car trunk, locker, or in any corner, and have it ready for the next deployment. Portable:Up to three times lighter than a rigid boat, our inflatable boats may be easily inflated/deflated and transported anywhere. Now with our swivel trolleys you can easily roll your boat to the beach or the lakefront!

Durable: BangkaPro’s high standard of quality of its materials-- welded rubbing strake and transom, cold-welded seams, reinforced cone ends, and the perfect finish of its assembly, are the hallmarks of its durability.

Economical: BangkaPro inflatable boats are made for people on a modest budget but maintains a professional and attractive look. Maintenance is very simple and inexpensive and all our boats are durable enough to last for many years. Easy Repair our inflatable boats include an easy repair kit in case of unexpected damage. In the unlikely event that your boat gets punctured you can be back to boating in just a few steps. As easy as fixing a bike’s tire!

Excellent Customer Service: BangkaPro prides itself with our excellent customer service that is available to answer all of your boating questions. If you ever have questions about our products you can reach us Monday - Saturday, 10-8 pm at 09204562929.

More than Boats: At BangkaPro we do more than just offer water crafts or outdoor recreational products. We promote a fun, healthy, exciting, responsible lifestyle. Deep in our core values is living a rewarding well being seen through our products, events, and sponsorships.


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