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How To Repair An Inflatable Boat

All inflatable boats and dinghies are subject to leaks, whether caused by an increase in interior pressure or from rubbing against abrasive surfaces such as barnacles, oysters, rocks or coral. Fortunately, small leak repair is made easier with the use of an inflatable raft liquid sealant. This product easily seals hidden leaks, pinholes and other slow leaks that you may not be able to find. Having a leak-free inflatable boat is essential for the boat to operate in optimal condition and will keep you from having to swim back to shore. Small boat repairs can be performed by the owner in less than an hour.


1. Deflate the boat completely and allow the exterior to dry if wet. You can speed up the process by toweling it off.

2. Place the bottle of liquid sealant into the the air valve and inject 1/2 oz. sealant for every square foot of the dinghy. One qt. of the sealant will evenly coat a boat up to 12 feet in length. Ensure that the tip of the bottle is seated fully into the air valve before injecting to avoid a sticky mess.

3. Inflate the boat completely. Roll the boat—end to end—then rotate the dinghy side to side for about 15 minutes. This will ensure that the interior of the dinghy has been completely coated with sealant.

4. Keep the boat inflated for about two hours before deflating. This will ensure that the sealant has had sufficient time to dry and seal all the leaks.


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