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Whether you are looking for a simple single boat dock or want to build a multi-slip marina, BangkaPro can build a professional floating boat dock to meet your specific needs. We pride ourselves as being the first in the country to offer small, but attractive and heavy duty, boat docking solutions. We can build boat docks of all sizes & shapes and specialize in a variety of different styles and designs. Create your own or use our most dependable designs, let us build your perfect boat or water recreation docking solutions!

BangkaPro has attractive per square meter pricing for our floating docks depending on size, material, and accessories. 


Design & Layout

Utilizing the best materials for the job, we design boat docks with both aesthetics and function in mind. Your dock layout can be a platform design, single slip, double slip or completely customized. We take care in selecting the correct building materials for performance and budget.

Frame and Hardware

Our pontoon frames are made from hot dipped galvanized steel that is maintenance free, durable, and cost-effective and guaranteed to last more than 10 years, with a typical lifespan of 15 years or more without rusting. Aluminum made frames are also available upon special request.

Floating Pontoons

The heart of our floating docks are the heavy duty polyethylene floats that are UV resistant and impact proof filled with highly dense expanded polystyrene foam that will keep your dock buoyant for many years to come. The number of pontoons will depend on the how big the dock is and the estimated load amount.

Decking Options

BangkaPro offers several designs and colors of wood plastic composite (WPC) decking that is both attractive and long lasting. This environmentally friendly material mimics wood and has a long life span.

Aluminum Gangways

With the same sturdy engineering as our docks, our aluminum gangways are a maintenance free, durable, and a cost-effective solution for accessing your floating dock or platform. We customize gangways according to each clients very specific needs. Some of the options available are length, width, and decking material. These hinged walkways can easily be connected from land to dock and goes up and down with the tide.


BangkaPro docks can be anchored using three different methods: using pilings, cables with concrete blocks, or with a stiff arm. Which method to use will depend on the environment and attachment points.

Other Accessories

BangkaPro offers a complete line of accessories and marine solutions for our clients. We know the importance of having a complete and reliable supplier with good quality products that will compliment each marine docking project. Our aim is to be your one stop shop for your marine docking solutions.


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