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Come join us as we spread the joy of boating! Our useful videos section is great for learning more about boating!



BangkaPro Patrol Boat 1160

Jan 30, 2020

BangkaPro's Patrol 1160 38 footer Sea Ambulance delivered to Lucena Coast Guard, Quezon Province. This Sea Ambulance is equipped with a patient bed, toilet, and 10 seats but can accommodate up to 25 passengers depending on seating configuration.

Roughest RNLI lifeboat rescues in huge waves and stormy seas

Jul 14, 2020

Running Time: 0:01 / 8:03

The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, lifeboat crews around the UK and Ireland are ready to launch to help those in need. Whether you're stuck on a sinking ship, cut off by a rapidly rising tide, or in the water and close to drowning, RNLI crew members will drop everything to come to your rescue. 95% of RNLI lifeboat crews and station staff are volunteers. But it’s not just lifeboats. And volunteer fundraisers and shop workers give up their time to generate vital funds. The RNLI is also working to help communities around the world that are most at risk of drowning. If you spot someone in trouble in the water, call 999 or 112 and ask for the coastguard.

Achilles Water Rescue Boat - Inflate and Deploy in 2 minutes

May 15, 2017

Running Time: 0:00 / 2:33

The Achillies Water Rescue Boat is small, portable, easily stored in a rig. But can be inflated and deployed in minutes. Check out this video which demonstrates how rapidly this boat can be placed into service. The Achillies Water Rescue Boat is available at All Hands Fire Equipment. For details, please contact or call us at (888) 681-1009.

Copy Of -Most Amazing Boats

Sep 18, 2018

Running Time: 0:01 / 10:39

Oceans occupy about 70% of the entire surface of the Earth. So what do people today use to sail around this water space? We have collected ten of the coolest boats: comfortable and fast, with bizarre design and wide functionality, having 2000 horsepower and unable to turn over under any circumstances. The best of the best! Let’s raise anchor, give the mooring lines and full speed ahead, we are starting!

Amphibious fastest boat 700HP - The Beast full video

Dec 6, 2017

Running Time: 0:04 / 3:33

This Asis Amphibious RIB is the first to be featuring a twin 350 HP engine setup on an amphibious craft. This makes "The Beast" fly on water.

High speed aluminum landing craft sea trial

Sep 28, 2018

Running Time: 0:02 / 1:31

Check out our latest build with the patented MaxGate

How to Restore Your RIB in less than 60 minutes

Published on Jun 19, 2015

Running Time: 2:41min

We'll let the video prove how well our inflatable boat cleaner and protectant worked to restore the neglected inflatable rib. First we wet the tube with water. We used a Marine Power Mitt to reduce the amount of scrubbing. These things can cut the labor in half. Since I was elected to do the scrubbing I wanted all the help I could get. Next we applied Speed Clean inflatable boat restorer to the mitt and started scrubbing away the dirt, stains, oxidation and scuffs from the inflatable tube. You can see the oxidation and dirt coming out. The scuffs and stains took a bit more scrubbing.

Extreme Plate Aluminium VS Fibreglass boats?

Published on May 4, 2017

Running Time: 5:31min

In this video, we look at how Extreme compares to fibreglass boats. The gap has closed, and Extreme are now comparable to fibreglass boats in both on water performance, design and finish. We take a look at some older myths around plate boats. We think you will find that there are not as many differences as you think. If you still have doubts, take one for a test drive and see for yourself.

Published on Jul 15, 2017

Running Time: 5:24min

Now that the tension’s relieved, we invite you to loosen your belt and enjoy “The Dock” as ridden by Noa, Ozzie, Yago Dora, Mitch Coleborn, Balaram Stack and Imaikalani Devault. After all, what's fun without a little heightened heart rate?

Published on Aug 31, 2012

Running Time: 2:16 min

The number one choice of Government and Commercial users. The material of a hull defines much of a boat’s character. Yet, when buying a boat for the first time, many people pay little attention to the choice of hull material. The advent of fiberglass (glass reinforced plastic or GRP) boats in the 1960’s revolutionized the industry to such an extent that they have become a kind of norm. But GRP is not alone in the market, and it is worth looking at other alternatives before deciding what your first, or next boat will be.

5 fast facts About Inflable Boats

Published on May 12, 2017

Runnning Time: 2:39

An inflatable boat is a lightweight boat constructed with its sides and bow made of flexible tubes containing pressurised gas. For smaller boats, the floor and hull is often flexible, while for boats longer than 3 metres (9.8 ft), the floor typically consists of three to five rigid plywood or aluminium sheets fixed between the tubes, but not joined rigidly together. Often the transom is rigid, providing a location and structure for mounting an outboard motor. Watch and learn the 5 facts about Inflatable boats!

Best Inflatable Boat (Buying Guide)

Published on Mar 9, 2018

Runnning Time: 8:08

This review is for the top 6 Best Inflatable Boat for sale right now and the 6 Best Inflatable Boat on youtube and the best Inflatable Boat, and was made to help you to choose the best Inflatable Boat for you. Inflatable Boat can also be used in personal fishing, family trips or just enjoying your self on water, they can very easily replace a normal boat and the Inflatable Boat will offer you a lot of new functions and experiences for years to come.


Perfect Time for buying your first Inflatable Boat today.

Boating Basics - Perfect for Boating Beginners

Date Published: Dec 13, 2011

Runnning Time: 14:07

Operating a boat means more than just getting in and turning the key or hoisting a sail. As a boater, you need to know all about federal and state boating laws, required safety equipment, operational characteristics of your boat, what to do during an emergency and the environment where you operate, before venturing onto the water. The more you know before you go can make a significant safety difference once you're on the water.

Advanced: Types of Fishing Boats

Date Published: Oct 2, 2015

Running Time: 23:30

Add Description Depending on what you’re fishing for, how you’re fishing and with how many people, you’ll want to watch this episode to help you decide what’s the best type of boat for you: a center console, bay boat or flats boat.

How to Patch or Install a D-Ring On An Inflatable Boat

Year of Production: 2012

Running Time: 4:11 min

Installing a D-Ring or foot cups for river rafts has the same concept as patching up your inflatable boat. This video shows some good technique on how to do this. Very important to clean and sand your boat before gluing the patch. Use 180 grain sand paper for best results.

How to Find Leaks and Repair Inflatable Boat Valves

Year of Production: 2011

Running Time: 3:22 min

A clear and really useful video on how to find and repair leaks coming from the air valves on your inflatable boat. 

How to choose an inflatable boat (Dinghy)?

Year of Production: 2013

Running Time: 4:04 min

Some basic information on how to choose an inflatable boat (dinghy). BangkaPro offers customized inflatble boat according to your choosing. Subject to manufacture and delivery time.

Why choose an inflatable boat?

Year of Production: 2013

Running Time: 1:30 min

A short introduction on the advantages of having an inflatable boat compared to the conventional type.

How to assemble an inflatable boat with hard flooring

Year of Production: 2011

Running Time: 5:44

Very informative video on how to assemble your hard floor inflatable boat. This model uses aluminim flooring.

How to repair a simple hole on your inflatable boat or kayak

Production Year: 2012

Running Time: 2:16 min

A short instructional video by Seaeagle on how to patch a small hole on your inflatable boat or kayak. 

Watch how a Jetski is made!

Year of Production: 2013

Running Time: 4:45 min

Very interesting insight on how a Jetski is made (Seadoo brand). Produced by the Discovery Channel.

How to Dock Your Boat in 4 Easy Steps

Year of Production: 2013

Running Time: 2:18 min

Learn to bring your outboard- or sterndrive-powered boat along side a dock or bulkhead in four simple steps. 

How to Dock Single Engine Inboard/Outdrive Stern First

Year of Production: 2012

Running Time: 4:07 min

Watch an informative demonstration on how to dock your single engine inboard/outdrive boat stern first. Very useful tips and technique anyone can learn from.

4 Basic Knots

Year of Production: 2009

Running Time: 4:21 min

Learn 4 basic knots that comes very useful when working on your boat. Learn each knots names and practical ways to remember how tie them!

The Physics of Sailing

Year of Production: 2008

Running Time: 9:31 min

Learn how sailing works! For those of you who wants to know more about the technical aspects of sailing. Very informative video.

Start Sailing - A Beginner's Guide to Basic Sailing

Year of production: 2012

Running Time: 15:29 min

Watch this video on some of the basics of sailing. Learn some of the lingo and concept. Watch all the fun these two young sailors are having (outside and inside the water). Very informative video accompanied by cool music.

Rough Water Handling

Year of production: 2012

Running Time: 2:15 min

Do you know what to do when the weather turns rough? Find out in this video. Useful tips on what to do when caught with large waves due to weather.

Handling Your Single Engine Inboard/Outboard

Year of production: 2008

Running Time: 3:48 min

Learn to handle your single engine inboard/outboard efficiently in tight quarters and open water. Covers docking, undocking, backing, turning at slow speeds, entering & departing slips, effects of wind & current and more.

Learn How to Improve your Boating Skills the Easy Way

Year of production: 2012

Running Time: 7:42 min

Watch this short instructional video on how to improve your basic boat handling skills. Filled with useful knowledge and tips.

Simple Sailing Training Video

Year of production: 2006

Running Time: 9:35 min

Learn how to sail with this training video geared to young sailors. In 10 minutes you will have a great idea of how to start. The video uses voice-over and visual overlays to make it easy to learn how to sail.

Rigid Inflatable Boat Construction

Year of production: 2009

Running Time: 5:36 min

Check out this Discovery Channel short documentary on how a rigid inflatable boat is put together. It also talks about the advantages of having a RIB.

Boating with a RIB personal water craft at Taal lake!

Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 1:02 min

This cool cat is riding a personal rigid inflatable boat around Taal lake. Very nice ride and you can totally feel the freedom this boat brings. Enjoy.

Aerial footage of Raft Off 2014 Lake Michigan

Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 9:25 min

Cool Aerial footage of Raft Off 2014 event in Michigan Lake. This once a year event sees hundreds of boat owners get together and enjoy fellow owners company for a fun time on the water. So many boats, cool footage (no girls in bikini).

Dragon Boat World Championship, China, June 2014.

Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 5:27

Full length footage of the Dragon Boat championships in China June 2014 (Chinese commentary). Watch the Philippines come from behind to win the event. The Philippines went on to claim gold at the World Championship in Poland last September. Congratulations to the champions!

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