BangkaPro's Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) gives you the hull strength of a conventional craft with the exceptional stability of an inflatable boat. Compared to standard aluminum or fiberglass boats, RIBs are lighter in weight and provide higher performance with a smaller sized engine. With several air compartments they provide maintenance free use, are virtually unsinkable, and are "Bagyo Proof". Made from heavy duty PVC or Hypalon, RIBs are widely used for scuba diving, fishing, leisure boating, rescue teams, and the military. Choose from our three RIB models.



BangkaPro's Rascal is our entry level RIB. With its wide body and low center of gravity it is extremely stable perfect for loading and unloading. Use it for leisure boating, for transportation, or as a tender. A small to medium outboard motor is mounted and controlled from the transom (rear). Standard equipment includes sliding seats, oars, ropes, handles, and foot pump. Canopy is optional. Choose from 290, 320, 380, and 420 cm sized boats.



BangkaPro's sporty and fearsome Barracuda RIB gives you a stylish way to go boating. These boats are equipped with a steering console and a mechanical engine controls. It's a multi-purpose boat that combines value, design, agility, and versatility. Depending on size standard configuration includes steering console, storage, oars, seats with cushions, ropes, handles and foot pump. Options includes canopy, roll bar, and ski pole. The Barracuda comes in 320, 420, 470, 520, and 560 cm models.



If you're looking for our top of the line RIBs then the Decker is pefect for you. It combines luxury and elegance with BangkaPro's versatile RIB boats. Specially molded fiberglass and new design gives the look and appearance comparable to its much more expensive speedboat or yacht counterparts. These beautiful boats will sure make you the talk of town and have everyone turning their heads. 

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